Dancing Out of a Wheelchair

In church I saw a woman in the front that I had seen many times. She came to church in a motorized wheelchair, and she was on oxygen. I didn’t know what her illness was. The Spirit of God was all over her, and she was vibrating. As I walked over to her, I heard, "dancer." I leaned over and said, “You can dance.” I offered my hand, and when she touched it, she immediately stood up. Her first few steps across the room were very halting, but she improved rapidly. So I let go of her, and she started to dance all over the place. She started flagging soon after that in the church.


Eye Injury Healed
I received a healing in my right eye. I sustained an eye injury 31 years ago working in construction. A stone chip embedded in my eye and left a floating scar. A word of knowledge was given in class, and the cloudy vision cleared up! Thank you, Jesus.


Walking in Divine Health After Cancer Healing
Years ago, Dawna De Silva prayed for someone in the UK who had breast cancer. Dawna jumped up and declared over her, and the woman felt Jesus come between them, and she knew she was healed. She used to be very sickly. She saw Dawna recently and told her that not only was she healed of cancer (still went through treatments), but also, "From that moment on, I have not had a cold. I have not had allergies. I did not look this young before, either." She is in her 70's but looks years younger.


HIV Gone!
Someone's friend had HIV and had a high count almost at the stage of AIDS. The friend came to God Supported Centre for five days to soak and receive prayer, then went home and had another test. The count is down to normal. The doctor said, "You don't have HIV any more!"


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