The vision of GSC started in the year 2000 and Since then, the lord has being using the prophet John Olotu ?to redeem souls into God?s Kingdom. We thank God for the things he has bbeing doing through the Ministry (God Supported Centre).

God started using Prophet John Olotu at the age of 9 and since then, he has being working greatly under the auction of the Authority Of God. In God Supported Centre, We deliver souls from demonic attacks like- Prolonged Pregnancy *Anywhere Around The World* Upliftment of your destiny, Company, Finances and also to know your future spiritually.


Anybody seeking the help of GOD Supported Centre Must have faith In the Lord. The scripture says ?If your faith be small like mustard seed, You will say unto the mountain ? Be casted into the sea and it will be done according to your faith.

You must know that Faith moves mountains.

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